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This Month we feature an interview with severe Mistress Dometria

Interview With Mistress Dometria

Q: What is judicial punishment?
A: Judicial punishment entails severe whipping and caning, judicial style, i.e. as though sentenced by a (barbaric) court, as with prisoners of war, hostages, et al.

Q: What is used in judicial punishment?
A: Traditional prison canes, dragoon, and Singapore canes are used in judicial punishment, in addition to snake and bull whips. Whatever apparatus and/or instruments are used in a JP session, all are guaranteed to be of the highest levels of extremity. As a matter of course, bondage is used, and gags/bits are often necessary for your own safety, i.e. so that you do not bite off your own tongue during the punishments. In such, one could say that judicial punishment is a more severe form of corporal punishment.

Q: How can judicial punishment be used during a session?
A: Judicial punishment can be incorporated into a kidnapping session, for example, or an interrogation session, or one of extreme torture … or wherever Mistress feels it would be appropriate. In addition, judicial punishment may be used as just that – the utmost form of punishment for the most impossible of slaves!

Q: How extreme is judicial punishment?
A: Judicial punishment is extreme and severe, and often results in blood sports. For example, judicial bull whipping would involve your being in bondage standing up, and being taken apart by the repeated kisses of Mistress’s snake and bull whips. Think of old war and religious films, and you will get the idea. Therefore, JP is certainly not for the faint-hearted, and recommended for serious masochists only!

Serious Masochists Only

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