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Judicial Caning

Judicial Caning Fetish
Judicial Caning Fetish
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Interview With Sadistic Mistress Dometria

Q: What is judicial punishment?
A: Judicial punishment entails severe whipping and caning, judicial style, i.e. as though sentenced by a (barbaric) court, as with prisoners of war, hostages, et al.

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Judicial caning, carried out with a long, heavy rattan and generally much more severe than the canings given in schools, was a feature of some British colonial judicial systems, even though the cane was never used judicially in Britain itself (the preferred implement there, until abolition in 1948, being the birch and the cat-o'-nine-tails). In some countries caning is still in use in the post-independence era, particularly in Southeast Asia (where it is now being used far more than it was under British rule), and in some African countries. The practice is retained in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Caning in Indonesia is a recent introduction: in the special case of Aceh, on Sumatra, which since its 2005 autonomy has introduced a form of sharia law, applying the cane to the clothed upper back in keeping with Muslim rules of modesty.

African countries still using judicial caning include Botswana, Tanzania, Nigeria and for juvenile offenders, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Other countries that used it until the late 20th century included Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, while some Caribbean countries such as Trinidad and Tobago use birching, another traditional punishment in the British tradition, which uses a bundle of branches, not a single cane.

In Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, healthy males under 50 years of age can be sentenced to a maximum of 24 strokes of the rotan (rattan) cane on the bare buttocks; the punishment is mandatory for many offenses, mostly violent or drug crimes, but also immigration violations, sexual offences and (in Singapore) acts of vandalism. It is also imposed for certain breaches of prison rules. The punishment is applied to foreigners and locals alike.